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We have an audience of 180K active customers who have collectively made more than 100 million downloads and have purchased over $5 million of content from the Marketplace.


That’s our first company value. We promise to treat you with honesty, trust, and care. 100% isn’t just your commission rate - it’s also our commitment to your success.


All content sold through the Marketplace is non-exclusive, so you can keep your relationships with other agencies. You can upload or remove content at any time, no strings attached.

How the Marketplace Works

VideoBlocks members have access to a library of subscription content provided by VideoBlocks and GraphicStock as well as a pay-per-download Marketplace - which is where your content comes in. Since we keep our membership fees, we’re able to pass on 100% of the Marketplace sales to you. Our unique model allows us to offer lower prices for customers, while ensuring that you earn more for each sale.

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To fit the needs of Enterprise customers, we’re providing enhanced indemnification, unlimited distribution and special user features. Our dynamic pricing model is designed to protect contributor payouts. Reach a new market with substantial purchasing power and get 60% of the revenue share. You’ll never make less than a regular Marketplace sale—it’s all upside.

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