How does the VideoBlocks model work?

VideoBlocks and GraphicStock are subscription-based services. Members have access to subscription content provided by VideoBlocks and GraphicStock (the "membership libraries"), as well as a pay-per-download Marketplace - which is where your content comes in. All accepted submissions are published to the Marketplace.

Since we profit from our membership fees, we're able to pass on 100% of the Marketplace sales to you. While our Marketplace pricing is competitive, you earn nearly twice as much per-sale as you do with other agencies. Our unique model allows us to offer lower prices for customers, while still ensuring that you earn more for each sale.

Subscribers save money, while you earn more.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact our contributor support team: or +1-888-802-7316

Questions about the Marketplace

The Marketplace has substantially more content than our member library, and continues to grow with each upload. The Marketplace is intended to offer more diversity, breadth, and volume than the member library.
No. It is free to sign up, submit content, and earn.
Yes! Both websites are marketplaces from the same parent company, under our flagship website, GraphicStock offers photos, vectors and illustrations, while VideoBlocks offers footage, motion backgrounds, and templates.
You may apply to contribute on GraphicStock by creating an account and completing the application when promoted. If your account is approved for uploading, our team will reach out to notify you and enable your account to upload photos, vectors and illustrations. Please be patient with us as we review your application! Applicants’ portfolios are reviewed individually and this may take some time. It could be as little as a couple weeks or it could be several months.
If you are currently a VideoBlocks contributor, there is no need to create a new account. You may contact contributor support if you are interested in contributing to GraphicStock and we will let you know what information we need from you for your application. The contributor portal will be your home for any type of content you wish to submit to both of our marketplaces. Note: You will not be able to upload images until your application is approved by our team.
A user must be a member (including free trial members) in order to purchase content. However, anyone can visit our websites, search, and add content to a shopping cart. A visitor may also purchase a one day membership fee upon checkout in order to purchase clips.
All members - including free trial members - will have access to purchase marketplace content, but it will not be available for free.
The amount of sales you make depends on a lot of factors, including the relevance and quality of your keywords, the quality of your content, and whether your content meets customers' needs. The bottom line is, the better you manage and curate your content, the more success you're likely to have. See our submission requirements for more tips.
No. Content submitted to the marketplace will only be made available in the marketplace.
We reach out to the contributor community on an as-needed basis to license existing content. Our team makes decisions about the content we acquire based on internal data and customer insights.

Questions About Payments

You receive 100% of the commission of each sale from the Marketplace on VideoBlocks and GraphicStock.


  • HD - $49
  • 4K - $199
  • After Effects and Apple Motion templates - $19, $29, or $49, based on complexity and market value
  • 360 VR HD - $199 for Monoscopic and $299 for Stereoscopic
  • 360 VR 4K - $399 for Monoscopic and $499 for Stereoscopic


  • Photos, Illustrations, & Vectors - $3.99

Pricing for Enterprise will be flexible and vary based on each customer’s specific needs. However, we are setting a price floor so that you will never take home less on an asset’s sale to an Enterprise customer than you would earn from that asset’s sale in the Marketplace. There will be no upward limit on pricing, and since we share in the proceeds of each sale, we are incentivized to maximize revenue for contributors!

For the Marketplace and Enterprise, payments are issued on the 15th of each month, for revenue that we collect on your sales during the previous month. (For example, on the 15th of May you'll be paid for revenue collected on your sales from April.) You can hold your payments indefinitely to help reduce third-party fees if you'd like. A minimum balance of $25.00 is required prior to payment. The Marketplace offers the following payout options:

  • Payoneer (Prepaid MasterCard card and Global Bank Transfer)
  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • eCheck

You need a balance of at least $25.00 to be paid. Earnings under the threshold will accrue and carry-over to the next payment period.

Third parties we work with to help process your sales do charge small fees.

Banks charge a credit card processing fee (3.75%) on each transaction. Our payout manager, Tipalti, charges small transaction fees. The fees for each payout option are as follows:

  • Payoneer - 1% of the payout
  • PayPal - $1.00 per payout
  • Direct Deposit - $1.00 per payout
  • Wire Transfer (United States) - $15.00 per payout
  • Wire Transfer (International in USD) - $25.00 per payout
  • Wire Transfer (International in local currency) - $20.00 per payout
  • Check - $6.00 per payout
  • eCheck - $5.00 per payout

We may also legally be required to withhold earnings for tax purposes. See our Tax Center for a detailed explanation of how taxes work.

See our Tax Center for a detailed explanation of how taxes work.

Questions About Enterprise

Enterprise is a new platform bringing an expanded market of potential customers to our contributors. As you most likely know, TV and advertising markets represent a large customer base with substantial purchasing power. The Enterprise platform meets the needs of these markets with a specialized licensing option—one that includes enhanced indemnification and unlimited distribution. The Enterprise platform allows us to reach a new audience we didn’t serve previously by including these new offerings and, ultimately giving you another avenue to earn through VideoBlocks and GraphicStock. The Enterprise channel is supported by our dedicated Enterprise sales team who build the partnerships that will drive your Enterprise sales.

No! We are adding Enterprise to our collection of services to grow our audience. Our core business model and the Marketplace have not changed. Enterprise is a new channel for you to reach customers you could not reach before and earn more with VideoBlocks and GraphicStock than you would with your Marketplace sales alone.

Because the creative community is the foundation of our business, we want to underscore our support of contributors by providing a 60% revenue share on all Enterprise sales, in addition to the 100% commission we offer on regular Marketplace sales. Supporting the Enterprise channel requires new investments from VideoBlocks, so the other 40% of Enterprise revenue will go towards servicing these customers, such as building tools for account management, monthly invoicing, unlimited user seats, and staffing a dedicated sales and support team. This model will give a greater portion of revenue back to contributors than any other enterprise-level stock content platform.

If you signed up as a contributor after February 23, 2017, you are already enabled to sell with Enterprise! If you had signed up as a contributor prior to February 23, 2017, you may visit your Account tab in the contributor portal to ensure you are opted in. You will see a My Channels section and a toggle button to opt-in to the Enterprise channel. Once you select ‘Opt In!’ for Enterprise, all of your content will automatically be made available to our Enterprise customers. By opting in to Enterprise, you are accepting the terms of our updated contributor agreement. You can learn more about Enterprise here. Please note: because Enterprise customers will see your content as you as you opt-in, once you opt-in in, you’ll need to contact our support team to opt back out of the offering.

Questions About Content

We accept commercial quality HD and 4K footage across all themes and categories, animations (including motion graphics, backgrounds, alpha channel effects, transitions, and lower thirds), and After Effects and Apple Motion templates.

We accept commercial quality photographs, illustrations and vectors.

Please see our submission requirements for detailed specs and guidelines.

See our submission requirements for a comprehensive guide to shooting and submitting content.
Your uploaded source file is made available for customers to purchase. For 4K footage, we also provide a high quality HD format (MOV) for purchase. For all content we offer a watermarked, HD comp file for registered users to download. For all vectors we require an accompanying JPEG to be uploaded as an option to download.

Yes. Any clip or image with a recognizable face (or faces) or location should have an appropriate release form. Content without releases may not be accepted. Below are several industry standard release forms you can download:

We accept content as editorial so long as the action or event depicted is a newsworthy item or provides commentary on subjects of human interest. For more information about release forms and why they're important, see our submission requirements.

Our Contributor License Agreement has changed recently. If you joined the Marketplace as a contributor after February 23, 2017, or if you joined before that date but have opted into Enterprise Sales, your license agreement can be found here.

If you joined before February 23, 2017 and have never opted into Enterprise Sales, your license agreement can be found here.

Click here to read the Contributor License Agreement as of February 23, 2017.

The highlights are:

  1. You maintain the copyright to your content. You are giving VideoBlocks and GraphicStock licensing rights.
  2. All content licensed through VideoBlocks and GraphicStock is non-exclusive, so you can keep your relationships with other agencies.
  3. You can upload or remove content at any time, no strings attached.

Click here to read the Customer License Agreement for VideoBlocks and GraphicStock.

Members are granted a perpetual, worldwide license to use your content. Members cannot use the content on a stand-alone basis or for purposes that are defamatory, pornographic or otherwise illegal.

You can upload your content by using our web uploader (100 file limit) or an FTP server that we provide. To request FTP credentials, select the Upload Media button on your content page. On the popup, scroll down to ‘View FTP Settings.’

Metadata (an all-encompassing term for titles, keywords, and other data stored with a file) can be applied to files in three ways:

  1. You can edit metadata using our online platform (the Content tab).
  2. You can upload a CSV file to apply metadata. A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a common spreadsheet format (Click here to download a CSV template). We also accept CSVs formatted for Shutterstock or Pond5—no editing needed!
  3. We can read metadata stored in your file's IPTC Core. We read the following fields: Headline (populates our Title field), Description, Keywords

At this time, all titles and keywords must be provided in English.

Each file submitted to our Marketplace is reviewed to maintain quality and value for customers. To ensure the best chance of your content being accepted, please read our submission requirements.

All submitted content, including the files themselves, metadata, and release forms, is reviewed. If any component of a submission does not meet our standards, the file will not be accepted.

We have a full-time team dedicated to reviewing content. We will do our best to make sure that content is reviewed fairly, accurately, and in a timely manner (please note that actual review time may vary based on factors such as volume of submissions).